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Metal, Rock

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Sounds Like MISH

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Rowland - Vocals & Guitar | Mark - Drums | Nathan - Bass | Henry - Keys & Samples | Garth - Guitar | Tolmie - visuals


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Mish are a band that set expectations and immediately set about destroying them with a crushing and beautiful focus that will spellbind the listener. Originating as a collaboration between Mark (Drums) and Rowland (Guitar and Vocals) in the rural landscape of Bathurst for two years before migrating to Sydney for richer artistic landscapes, the duo joined forces with Gazi (Bass) and Hen (Keyboards and Samples). Their live show is a woven tapestry of progressive metal and rock that never fails to move audiences in both hearts and minds. Mish have solidified a style and sound that while heavily relying on the complexity and odd time signatures of modern math metal, still maintain emotional depth and feeling. Their songs are artfully crafted and structured in such a way to be more movements than songs. This ability has been well demonstrated with the band opening The Bird’s Robe Collective’s Progfest at the Annandale Hotel for three straight years since 2009. For the first time ever, Mish have released an album independently titled The Entrance. Recorded by Clay at The Brain Studios in Sydney over the course of 2011 and mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, Mastodon, Between the Buried And Me, The Dillinger Escape Plan) and released on October 14th through Grindhead Records and Bird’s Robe Records; it promises to be one of the best albums to be released by an Australian progressive rock band of 2011. After Slaughterfest v in 2012 Mish has changed the lineup once again. With the recruitment of new guitarist Garth and Bassist Nathan (co-runner of Grindhead and front man of Mother Eel). Also Mish has recruited their live visual artist Tolmie into the band who has been doing shows with the project for the last two years. He is also responsible for directing and filming clips being released of "the Entrance". The six piece will venture back into the studio towards the end of 2013 to do a follow up recording to "The Entrance" with new members and a new focus. Performing new songs at Slaughterfest VI has well and truly cemented the bands new lineup.