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Electronic, Hip Hop, Pop, Roots

band members

Claudia Escobar- Vocals Jorge Leiva - Percussion, vocals Cazeaux OSLO- Vocals, trumpet Mat Robb - Guitar MC Clandestino - Beats, vocals Anthony Tropea - Trumpet Jay Scarlett - Sousaphone and trombone



Miss Colombia is tropical electro funk made in Melbourne, Australia. Inspired on South American electronica and psychedelic tropical culture, Miss Colombia's sound combines elements of the Caribbean grandeur with an electronic, funky, psychedelic and hip-hop feel.

Miss Colombia band is at the forefront of an emerging genre of music where Latin beats and rhythms fuse with Australian urban sounds. Their all ages, inclusive concerts feature dancers, visually stunning costumes and video art projections which make a Miss Colombia gig a treat not only to the ears, but also to the eyes.

Aiming to be a deliberate counterpoint to mainstream cultural representation of Colombia seen on the Miss Universe stage, or on Netflix’s Narcos, Miss Colombia combine elements of Caribbean groove with an electronic, psychedelic, hip-hop feel bringing a new kind of tropical spice to the dancefloor. Band leaders Jorge Leiva and Claudia Escobar grew up in Colombia in the 70s and 80s and, like many of their generation, ventured out to explore global modern cities and became rooted the counterculture of Melbourne. Jorge was percussionist for Mister Gomes en Bombay, one of the breakthrough bands in Colombia’s resurgence of electronic Cumbia. Joined by hip-hop rising star Cazeaux O.S.L.O, MC Clandestino’s socially conscious lyricism, guitar especialista Mat Robb and afro-funk styling prodigies Jay Scarlett and Anthony Tropea, Miss Colombia have been entertaining audiences at festivals around Australia since 2013. Miss Colombia hosts special guest musicians and dancers in their show.

Miss Colombia has released one album Open Your Eyes (2018) and four singles: Amazong (2020), Autogol (2014), Tropical Snow (2014) and This one's for you (2016).

Miss Colombia received in 2020 the Highly Commended Certificate - Youth for Peace Award by the Australian Psychology Society for its single Amazong, written in collaboration with Australian children between 10 and 12 years old calling for action on the protection of the Amazon Jungle. Miss Colombia’s music has featured in film, television and publicity campaigns including BONDS iconic underwear brand 2018 Australia and New Zealand Christmas campaign; commissioned music for the internationally awarded (Special Prize “City of Annecy Award” in the Festival international du film d'animation d'Annecy, 2018) for short film Butterflies (2017) produced by LaFinka in partnership with The Swiss League against Cancer; worldwide social campaign The Colombian Ambush (2018); The New Wave (2016) TV documentary on Colombia's new music aired by one of Colombia's biggest TV channels: Caracol TV; and two commissioned tracks for Australian comedy series Idiot Box (2015).

Since its launch, Miss Colombia has performed at occasionally at Darwin Festival, White Night Melbourne, Brunswick Music Festival, Melbourne Beer Festival, Come Together Festival, and as central act in main stage at Light in Winter Festival (2015) curated by Robyn Archer, Melbourne Fringe Club (2016, 2015), Rainbow Serpent (2015), Moomba Festival Main Arena (2014), The Hi-Fi (June 2014) and in EL TARRO Festival Mexico DF (2013).

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