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Indie, Pop

Sounds like

Kate Bush, bat for lashes

band members

Sarah Mccallum - Keyboard instruments, Vocals Matt Keegan - Saxophone & Dogbox Evan Mannell - Drums


PJ Harvey, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel

Unearthed artists we like

Howl at the Moon , Lanie Lane , THE FALLS , Brendan Maclean


Miss Little is a Sydney Independent artist who really enjoys doing things like dressing up in animal costumes with Brendan Maclean: or pretending to be a 50’s housewife: or running around China Town and Kings Cross trying to be “arty” in the middle of the night looking a bit like a prostitute: “Miss Little has a big future” – Bernard Zuel, Sydney morning herald


Reviewed by Gemma Pike Gemma Pike

12 Jul 2012

Triple J

The character yo...

The character you invoke is just as interesting as your songs! I love when you shed the housewife persona and get a little Bettie Page with the heavier changes. There certainly is a lot of talent here.

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Reviewed by iggystardust iggystardust

24 Oct 2012

Super Reviewer

Like the best ki...

Like the best kinds of songwriters you tell a story to be envied by early country/blues divas and do it with completely believable conviction and an undeniable swagger in your step. To add to the storytelling is the unique melody and your stunning voice. Empowering.

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20 Aug 2012


I love your voic...

I love your voice. Really nice drums here to.

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