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Indie, Rock

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life, the voices in your head!, dreams, fear & happiness, Love & Loss

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craig hansen - guitar, vocals, keyboards, piano, percussion, harmonica. Adam Griffiths - bass. Gerry Ford - Rhythm Guitar. Keigo Endo/Alejo Avarez - drums. Recorded at Church Street Studios, Camperdown & Hercules Street Studios, Surry Hills by Sean Carey. Mixed by Sean Carey & Ian Thompson


johnny marr, cat stevens, bacharach, pink floyd, leonard cohen, bob dylan, lovely guitars!! , beatles, stones, stone roses, verve


The Missendens is that rarest of creatures: a kick ass band of like minded souls who have all earned their stripes the hard way, treading the boards at countless gigs with countless bands, who have come together to bring songs of undeniable importance to all who will listen.

Like a lot of great music, The Missendens began with a lone songwriter strumming away, forgoing sleep, pouring years of passion, life's lessons, successes and failures into chords, melodies and lyrics that mean something.

Very quickly it became evident that the bagful of songs Craig Hansen had been working on were sonically too big to be done justice by one man.

Friends were called, classified ads were placed, and eventually emerged a band of music obsessed ‘brothers’ who were born to play! Not for lure of money and not to chase some elusive dream, but purely for the love of 'the song' and the thrill of the indescribable, hair raising, spine tingling power of a band in step with each other.

Long time friend and brilliant multi instrumentalist Adam Griffiths was added on bass, with Adam's brother in law Gerry Ford ducking and weaving between layered vocal lines and guitar hooks with a unique energy on rhythm guitar. Sharing drum duties on the recording of the forthcoming self titled album are Keigo Endo, a phenomenally talented drummer hailing from Japan with 1 million hits on his youtube drumming videos, and Sydney based Alejo Alvarez, originally from Argentina, who provides the kind of drums that only a man who has an intricate knowledge of the history of music can, who has joined the band as permanent live drummer.

Recorded at Surry Hills’ Hercules Street Studios and Camperdown's Church Street Studios with former Thirsty Merc lead guitarist Sean Carey engineering, the forthcoming self titled album was recorded in a total of 10 studio days.

With the bands latest single 'Rolling Start' making it to number 3 on the US iTunes alternative New Release chart in its week of release - a new single is scheduled for release in July with the self titled debut album out in August.


Review by gourmet gourmet

26 Nov 2015


Excelent track...sounds great and has a music lovers genesis touch in the whole tune. Congratz.

Excelent track...sounds great and has a music lovers genesis touch in the whole tune. Congratz.



08 May 2012


epic tunes mate!

epic tunes mate!