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Roots, Indie

Sounds like

Tom Waits, Beck, Madeleine Peyroux

band members

David Lawrence - guitar, vocals, keys, lapsteel, banjo. 'Mister' Scott Kociuruba - vocals, guitar, drums, flute, banjo, percussion. Jay Pyefinch - bass. Mayuka Juber -clarinet. Anna Furstenberg - violin. Nicholas Talvola - trumpet. Rhys Pyefinch - alto sa


Django Reinhardt, Bob Dylan, AC/DC

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Mister and Sunbird is the merging of two great roots bands, Dave Lawrence's Sunbird and Scott Kociuruba's Mister and the Near Mrs. So you get two songwriters, about a dozen instruments (washboard anyone?) and a wild array of tunes and genres. They can happily perform as a duo but often stretch things out further with extra soloists, guests and floating members... Electric and upright bass, clarinet, trumpet, sax, violin, accordion and various percussionistas have all happily joined in the raucous jams since the boys kicked things into gear. Flexible, spontaneous, wild and inspired! The band formed in Sydney although Dave and Scott are both originally from Perth. Scott has history with the John Butler Trio, Saritah and the Klezmer Connection. Dave was one of the driving forces behind Perth then Sydney rock weirdos Fondula, as well as having been a sideman with the likes of Mike Vdelli, Abi Tucker and the Prawns With Horns. The latter part of 2008 will see them charging around WA to launch their new double album 'Spirit Fingers' with Jay Pyefinch on bass and Mayuka Juber ripping it up on clarinet. They've been touring a lot, with more to come - gypsy blood?! They've recently learned that they both share some Ukrainian heritage - classic Aussie mongrels really. Mister and Sunbird have spent the last couple of northern summers in Barcelona, where they are developing quite a reputation. 2009 will see an east coast tour, another european trip and the beginnings of a new record, maybe even a trip to the USA..... Wooooooooohhaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!