Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Pierre Auguste Renoir, John Donne, Oscar Claude Monet

band members

Dom Hotich - Guitar, Vocals Josh Haffer - Guitar, Vocals Elliot Zoerner - Drums Tom Brown - Bass


led zeppelin, The White Stripes, Queens Of The Stone Age

Unearthed artists we like

BONJAH, Loon Lake, Jeremy Neale, The Griswolds


Buy the full EP: We here at The Mistress believe in the finest quality ingredients. That's why we handcraft our beats and source the freshest fat f***ing bass. That's why we wear our hearts on our sleeve and mix it all together the old fashioned way - the way our nonnas used to. Seasoned with freshly picked chops and harmonies and served straight to you, Into your earholes.