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Hip Hop



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Hilltop hoods, Funkoars, Nas, Trem, Brad Strut, The Optimen, Wu Tang

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RAKIM, Jedi Mind tricks, BIG L, krs1, The beatles, phil collins, life, The stupidity of the world



MITUS is an up and coming hip hop artist who has been tearing down stages all over the country since 2008!

He has become a mainstay in the Newcastle seen and a must have on any big name show, supporting the likes of: XZIBIT, THE GAME, O.C, DIRTY DIKE, FLIPTRIX, THUNDAMENTALS, MIND OVER MATTER, CHANCE WATERS, MR. HILL & RAHJCONKAS, FRAKSHA, SCOTTY HINDS, K21 and the list goes on..

Although he has 3 mixtapes under his belt he has achieved all this without a full length release. A firm believer in quality over quantity MITUS is said to have his debut album released late 2015.

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