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Tegan and sara , Joni Mitchell , The Cranberries




Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

23 May

Brass Monkey

Sydney, 2147




M'leigh grew up in the well known beach town of Byron Bay. She now resides in Sydney and is a talented and passionate singer/songwriter. She grew up around music and her first memories of music are listening to her parents records of Artists like Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones and Simon and Garfunkel. M’Leigh feels that folk music will always be her end game in music. She has played guitar and drums for over a decade and has spent the past few years writing her own music and playing gigs around Syndeys Inner West.

She fuses her folk influences together with a unique Indie style in her music. Her music is both relatable, entertaining and something you can dance along to. Hey rhythmic understanding through her drumming experience makes her songs solid and catchy.
Her biggest influencers would be Tegan and Sarah, The Cranberries and Neil Young. Her music is both lighthearted and carefree though often deeply moving and emotive on the flip side.

Currently M’Leigh is writing and recording an EP in the studio and she has a vast array of self written songs in her repertoire. When recording, she plays guitar, sings and does her own percussion and drums. In 2016 she won the Clementine Burns-Woods award for her outstanding performance studying music at TAFE. Despite some health concerns over the past few years she has consistently churned out some amazing music. Music was the one thing that guided her though her tougher times in hospital and she would always have an instrument by her side. Now she has a new kidney and is ready to take on the world.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

01 Feb 2017

Triple J

You're special.

You're special.


Review by Max Quinn Max Quinn

17 Jan 2017

Triple J

late inclusion for the Juno soundtrack over here

late inclusion for the Juno soundtrack over here