Artist info


Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Joy Division, The Killers, MGMT

band members

Byron Knight- Vocals and Guitar, Cameron Knight- Vocals and Keys, Cail Borg- Bass, Jacob Borg- Drums


Muthmath, The Smiths, The Doves


Mixing up unforgetable melodies with their own brand of infectious indie art-rock, is the collaboration between childhood friends and brothers, Modern Joy. Cutting a swathe through genres and musical stylings, the boys bring together their influences in a mash-up of well-crafted pop hooks, clever songwriting and a rocking, energetic, instrument swapping live performance. After touring around Australia and overseas, Modern Joy have been creating hype and demand where ever they go. They are dedicated to making each show as fresh and exciting as possible, presenting a musical and visual feast that will delight your senses.