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Electronic, Indie

band members

Daniel, Isaiah, Anton, Joe, Phil


Killers, Fallout boy, the Weeknd


Back in 2016, Modulation was nothing more than a school band, consisting of woodwind instruments, drums and piano. We played at school assemblies, at the request of our music teacher, often planning and learning our repertoire the hour before. We were known then as the 'Woodwind ensemble.'
After an especially successful assembly, we got together and decided on a new name. Modulation.
From this moment, we began to change, and push ourselves to do things we never thought we could. We began to play more songs, and even began to start writing our own music. Then we started to perform at parish halls across Penrith.
We began to build a following, with many dedicated friends encouraging and helping us along the way.
Now we are eager to continue to grow as a rock band after school. We have been experimenting with our own music, and have come up with a few songs we love to play out our gigs. We will continue to write more songs in the future, and we will always remain together as Modulation, whether we just play in pubs, or if we can one day perform at massive concerts across the world.