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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

pink floyd, u2, foreigner, genesis, deep purple

band members

Shane Pyers aka Shano - vocals, acoustic guitar Bruce Schneider aka Cap - keyboard, vocals Jason Lightfoot aka Jac - drums Mick Siegers - bass Chris Drew aka Drewy - guitar, vocals


pink floyd, u2, genesis, deep purple, beatles, muse


We've been involved in music all our life in one form or another. We look back to some of the great rock acts of the 70's for our inspiration. Bands like Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and many others. We also take some inspiration from some current international acts like U2 and Muse. However, most of our inspiration comes internally from our aim as a team, to become the next band famous for the latest cutting edge music produced with thought provoking lyrics and creative musicianship. We aspire to use our music as a means to communicate a positive message for the benefit of all.
Although some of our sound is harking back to that 70's "heavy metal" sound, Shane writes material that has a pop sensibility, while Bruce's electronica background adds an additional keyboard element not seen in current heavy rock which is predominantly guitar based. This all mixed together with the solid, driving rhythm section powered by Jason and Mick, the soaring vocals of Shane and the liquid prowess of guitarist Chris. This all fuses to create a very different sound.
Our aim as an original act is to create songs that have a unique musical feel & arrangement. Whilst we draw inspiration in our individual musicianship from a diverse range of bands we don't want to be pigeon holed as a band that plays 70's or 80's music or sounds like this or that band. Like all artists who aspire to make a career from original music we want our music to be relevant in mainstream music today & into the future.