Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Green Day, Against Me!

band members

Blake Cateris - Vocals/Bass | Ian Knighton - Guitars | Dan Taylor - Guitars | Chip - Drums



Drawing comparisons to Jimmy Eat World, Weezer, Against Me! & Green Day, Molly & The Krells blend punk, rock and their personal stories into a scintillating sonic cocktail. Formed by Blake Cateris in 2016 after developing a thirst for singing and songwriting, he left his previous band and teamed up with three friends from other Sydney bands and set out around Australia to play their music for the country.

2017 - Relationshit (EP)
2018 - Losing Friends (EP)
2020 - What Went Wrong (single)

After wrapping up their Losing Friends tour in 2018, they have had the privilege of supporting Chris Jericho's US band Fozzy at Sydney's Manning Bar and are proudly endorsed by Spectraflex Cables and InTune Guitar Picks Inc.
Driven by angst, heartbreak and honesty, Molly & The Krells are caught in the endless pursuit of capturing the combination of a ‘good song’ and a ‘hit song’ and with two EP’s released through 2017 & 2018, it’s apparent they’re getting closer and closer to the pulse.

Molly & The Krells have enjoyed airplay across the country on:
4ZZZ Echo Boom & OZONE, 3MDR Uncut & Unsigned, Tjuma Pulka Media Lunchtime Roll, 3Way FM Cellophane, 3WBC Blood, Sweat and Sports, 5 GTR FM Amrap Music Magazine & The Dog On Lino Show, Harvey Community Radio Not The Planet Of Sound & 3RPP Good Vibrations.

Their most recent 2020 effort, “What Went Wrong” was recorded at Electric Sun Studios. Engineered & produced by Stevie Knight and mixed & mastered by Dave Petrovic.
"I had a friend who couldn’t seem to catch a break in life, she resented the help that was offered to her from her friends and seemed to keep making the wrong decisions. Life went on and we drifted further and further apart to the point where the only connection we have with each other is watching each other’s Instagram stories. Some people just don’t want to be helped. Me being a budding songwriter, I got inspired by reflecting upon our friendship and began work on what is now What Went Wrong.”
- Blake Cateris

“The best thing about this band and the way they play their vein of punk rock is how they bring the old to the new in such a way that you can hear where the genre would eventually go and where it did actually go in the same song” - Matthew Spears, Musically Fresh.