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Indie, Roots

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Bon Iver, Nina Simone, Bic Runga, Fat Freddy's Drop


Bon Iver, Bee Gees, Bobby McFerrin, Pink Floyd, Bic Runga



Mon Shelford is a soul-folk singer/songwriter based in Brunswick, Melbourne. Mon performs regularly in Victoria and is currently working on her first EP.

It was out of her parents’ great insight, or perhaps sheer desperation to get some peace and quiet when at age 7, Monique Shelford was enrolled in private vocal tuition. Anyone who knows Mon however, can vouch that quietening down was not on her agenda.

Originally beginning her training in the classical style, Mon was leaning towards the operatic industry, until she began to attend a Catholic girls' high school. This was where she discovered the power of gospel music. These two strong and soulful influences have mashed together in a rich and powerful mixture.

For almost two decades, Mon’s vocal talents have soared to something truly extraordinary. Now armed with an acoustic guitar and a colourful, intriguing past, she is ready to take audiences on some of her own adventures and share with them her struggles and enlightenment of a woman has experienced more than her age should allow.

"The background noises gradually fall silent and fifty smartphones plop forgotten into the laps and handbags of their stunned owners. Monique’s voice seems to emanate from some higher plane, as if imbued with some magnetic power to raise the hairs on the napes of necks."

-Heartstrings Melbourne

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