Artist info


Electronic, Hip Hop

Sounds like

RJD2, DJ Shadow, Aim, Blockhead, Slum Sociable

band members

Luke Bretthauer, Chris Cooke.

Unearthed artists we like

DOBBY, Natalie Slade



Luke Bretthauer and Chris Cooke have been exploring sound together since 2011. The Monastry project is the culmination of years of individual musical journeys, meeting at a very unique time and place.
Early on, Monastry was tasked with performing at numerous live events, resulting in a plethora of fledgling material. This in a sense allowed the two to find a middle ground, and learned to compliment each others writing styles. By 2019, we see their debut album “Collages” come to the fore, bringing with it not only a sense of authenticity, but a journey in its own right.
Monastry is a true collaboration in every sense, although some mixing/scrubbing work is done via correspondence, the two meet up for song creation ‘lock-ins’ which sometimes last weeks.
The Monastry live set is performed back-to-back on two Akai MPC 2000xl’s with two turntables accompanied, a unique show with a unique sound.