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Indie, Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Grouplove, Ballpark Music

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Dan Mijat - Lead Vocals, Guitar & Piano/Keys, Isaac Henry - Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals, Luke Del Fante - Drums, Anupriya Sharma - Vocals, Josh Kader - Bass


Grouplove, Ball Park Music, The Wombats, Simon and Garfunkel



The Mondays Drop Festival Worthy New Single, ‘Wasted Time’
Having already racked up spins on Triple J Unearthed Radio, ‘The Mondays’ are quickly pleasing audiences across Australia with their catchy new single ‘Wasted Time’, which will be featured on Lighthouse Records' ‘Indie Legends’ album due out July 22nd.

Friday, July 1, 2016 — Whilst the Boomtown Rats were busy shooting 'Mondays' down, High school friends, Dan, Luke, Isaac and Josh decided to turn 'Mondays' around and shoot to the stars instead. Together they became creative and began writing and playing music, determined to push the boundaries of conventional indie pop to make music that is new and different from anything heard before.

With the addition of band a new band member, Anupriya, the now five-piece 'The Mondays' just-released single, 'Wasted Time', is packed full of raw talent and vigorous enthusiasm. Driven by their passion of reaching lofty potentials, Perth-based 'The Mondays' are well on their way to making hits happen.

Combining indie, funk and rock, Dan moves from guitar to keyboard to vocals in slipstream style engaging the audience with his gregarious, youthful enthusiasm. With one EP ‘Groove’ (2014) and one single out already, 'The Mondays' are quickly winning over audiences around the country, already receiving national radio play on Triple J Unearthed.

The band is often compared to ‘Ballpark Music’ with their rich harmonies and fast-paced, keyboard heavy rhythmic pieces. However, as the band evolves from their first EP ‘Groove’ (2014), ‘The Mondays’ creativity is becoming more a reflection of their influences, such as The Wombats, Matt Corby, The Roots and Justin Timberlake.

The Mondays will join a handpicked selection of unsigned Australian artists when their latest single, ‘Wasted Time’, is featured on Lighthouse Records’ compilation album, ‘Indie Legends’. Digital copies are available for free pre-order from the Lighthouse Records website.
Benjamin Matthews
Lighthouse Records

"The Mondays brought their own brand of acoustic pop to the table, as they kicked off with a stop-start number; lead singer Dan Mijat swapping between acoustic guitar and keyboards to provide a diverse sonic backdrop for their compositions. The quartet's set included a slammin' cover of The Gorillaz' Feel Good Inc (complete with De La Soul rap verses sung by a skinny white kid!) and some tasty originals."
- Lukas Murphy (

This is one indie rock pop band that will have you jumping out of your seat, captivated in awe. The Mondays are a 5-piece alternative band with a whole heap of talent. From acoustic pop, insanely good cover songs and a whole bunch of tasty original tracks, this is one band you want to watch closely. With an infectious youthful energy and vibe with the personalities to match, The Mondays will leave you wanting more. Be sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming debut EP ‘Groove’ – we have no doubt it will be amazing!
-Pirate Radio (Feature Artist)

“The Mondays, or the duo version of them that I have been lucky enough to witness live, are a dynamic musical force, creating great things and with promise of even greater to come. Live they give off youthful energy and vibe which holds the audience’s attention captive. I am sure with the whole band they are even more alive than as a duo. Watch this band closely”
-Elicia Petite (General Manager of Pirate Radio Fremantle- 88FM)


Review by Claire Mooney Claire Mooney

09 May 2017

Triple J

Very Half Moon Run for me at times, but like your influences say, Ball Park Music at times too. This definitely has it's fun spots.

Very Half Moon Run for me at times, but like your influences say, Ball Park Music at times too. This definitely has it's fun spots.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

08 Sep 2015

Triple J

A tasty rattle going on here.

A tasty rattle going on here.