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Rock, Indie

Sounds like

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, beasts of bourbon, jesus lizard

band members

Max Ducker: rhythm guitar & vocals, Cameron Hines: bass guitar, Dean Anthonisz: lead guitar & vocals Julian Polain: drums, Jason Barfoot: percussion


Monkey Blood, drinking, Smoking

Unearthed artists we like

Fear Of Comedy, The Bible Bashers


In July 2008, Mongrel Country released their first LP "Just Another Snake Cult", launching the album simultaneously with The Trevallys and The Moonlight Wranglers, to a capacity audience at Hyde Park Hotel. The album received strong reviews from local street press and was repetitively described as “sinister” and “difficult to explain”. The songs themselves touched on everything from Grunge to Country and Rock to discordant Indie-punk, this diversity occurred organically due to the combined efforts of the 2 drummers and bands 3 songwriters and vocalists; Max Ducker, Guitarist; Dean Anthonisz, Guitarist; and Tom Schmidt, Bassist. Just Another Snake Cult was local feature on RTR FM and featured popular tracks Long Pig and Where All End Meets, which still make an appearance in the bands live set today. Shortly after launching Just Another Snake Cult, Tom Schmidt left the Country, forcing the band to go on hiatus and find a new bass guitarist. Thankfully they needn’t look far, recruiting Cameron Hines from Mile End, another band featuring Dean Anthonisz.. Mongrel Country came back in 2009 with a vengeance, building excitement around their next release with an intense new set of material and some supporting such acts as: Clockcleaner (USA), Six Ft Hick (QLD), Sailors & Swine (VIC), The Dead South (VIC), Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour (VIC), Fangs Of..(VIC). In April the band was invited to play RTR FM’s In the Pines Festival, taking the stage in Pig Masks, a theme which would carry on to the artwork of their sophomore LP, MONGREL COUNTRY. Released nationally through Firestarter Music, their second offering thrives on the dynamic between the contrasting, yet complimentary styles of Ducker and Anthonisz. The album has received some fantastic reviews from critics and been praised by the press as “Relentless” and “unforgettable”. RTR FM have continued to support the band, selecting the album as a local feature and keeping tracks in high rotation since the albums release.. The song Hogtied has been featured on local compilation WA Gold as well as a free cd accompanying issue 9 of underground music mag Unbelievably Bad. Enter 2010, The Mongrels continue to promote their self titled release, whilst working hard on writing a heap of new material, much of which has already been laid down in the recording studio for their next release. Video clips are in the pipeline and there are plans for an eastern states tour before the year is out. May will see the release of the CELLAR SESSIONS COMPILATION, featuring 6 bands, including Mongrel Country, all recorded at Max's very own recording studio. In the meantime, catch Mongrel Country at local venue near you.


Reviewed by Steph Hughes Steph Hughes

07 Apr 2010

Triple J

Chunky, Sluggy, Muddy, and (at the risk of joining the list of reviewers who have flogged this word in regards to you) SINISTER. Carried off perfectly.

Chunky, Sluggy, Muddy, and (at the risk of joining the list of reviewers who have flogged this word in regards to you) SINISTER. Carried off perfectly.