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Sounds like

The forest

band members

Michael Cousins, Adam Maclean.


mewithoutYou, The Chariot, The forest

Unearthed artists we like

the medics, The Short List


Started off as a 5 piece but gradually lost and gained members due to various reasons. By the time we played our first show we were a 3 piece, regardless of band members being dicks though we have always been about good times and great memories. We have played multiple shows in Townsville in various venues with other great acts such as The Short List, The Medics, Joseph Liddy and the Skeleton Horse, plus many more. Our sound is somewhere between The Forest and Something For Kate, meaning we aren't heavy but at the same time we fuck shit up. In townsville we are well received in a scene prodominately defined by hardcore, and are currently in the process of finishing up our first album. We have a few tracks up now, tell us what you think, we hope you enjoy it as much as we have. The tracks up at the moment are just rough mixes however mastered replacements are on the way.