Artist info



Sounds like

Holydrug Couple, Black Angels, Haunted Leather

band members

Sam Vallellanes (Guitar/Vox), Beau Clements (Drums/Percussion), Steven Schouten (Guitar), Christopher Clarke (Bass)



Montes Jura is a four piece psych band building walls of sound in Sydney's Inner Western suburbs. With a penchant for all things weird and wonderful, they mix their hallucinogenics with 60s pop, kraut and shoegaze influences. With the departure of their bass player, they spent most of last year bringing similar minded Sydney bands together to record 'Reloaded' - a tribute album to The Velvet Underground, which garnered some acclaim within the Sydney scene and a sold out show at the Factory Theatre. In 2017 they focused on honing their jam tendencies into their debut EP 'Tempest'. This year they are releasing a brand new single 'Sleep Divide' OUT MAY 3