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Sounds like

The Black Keys, The Rolling Stones

band members

Dominic Breen Jack McDougall Tommy Langford Thomas Oliver

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The Chitticks



TMC formed on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and are most easily classified as a psychedelic/country car chase rock n roll band.

Launching their Debut EP in April of 2014, TMC attracted people from all corners of the L90 Bus Route to pack out their local pub. With their first studio recording just around the bend, the band has been hard at work selecting from their myriad of 'partner swinging' originals. Most famous for exorcising unique dancing styles from the audience, The Moonlight Cowboys are "a breath of fresh air for live music in the days of the talent-less blurb of Kate Perry and One Direction."
(Allan Sullivan, Cold Steel Events)

You can find their Debut EP for sale on iTunes, or at any one of their live shows.