Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

The Doors, Howlin' Wolf, Nick Cave

band members

Martin Norris - vocals Thievin Reegan - lead guitar Beau 'G-string' Stegert - rhythm guitar, vocals Sebastion Erdelyi - bass guitar Billy Dickson - drums Matt 'the duke of blues' Caldwell - harmonica


BB King, neil young, old blues guys


Moonshine Sally are a group of working class lads from the 'burbs who aim for that old AM radio sound that your parents first introduced you to. While definitely a rock n roll band, Moonshine Sally's songwriting is heavily influenced by blues, 60's RnB, soul and modern hip hop, giving an 'urban' feel that makes them somewhat unique to the Brisbane live music scene. Martin, with his passionate vocal stylings and charismatic onstage persona, leads the six man troupe. The band's distinctive rhythmic-minimalism can be attributed to guitarists Thievin' Reegan and Beau 'g-string' Stegert and recent addition, on harmonica, Matt 'the duke' Caldwell. Seb, on bass, and Billy, beatin on goat skins, complete the band with their tight, dance inducing rhythm section.