Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Dead Kennedys, The Hives, Blue Juice, Blue Juice, The Hives, Dead Kennedys

band members

Nick, Pete, Lizzie, Juzzy & Nath


John Spencer Blues Explosion, The Saints, Dead Kennedys, Blue Juice


“Sik, I just mute the sound” - anonymous internet troll #1.

“You guys suck, just stop” – hater.

“It’s a bit aggressive, Peter” - Pete’s Mum.

The Morrisons stand for originality, the way they used to do it. And with the above words of support and encouragement spurring them forward for the last three years they’ve nurtured their punk rock sound into the bastard child of Jello Biafra and Keith Richards.

They emerged from the bowels of the pink palace in Northcote where they also recorded their first EP, a scuzzy mix of hardcore punk, blues and garage rock. They took to the stages of Melbourne like Tom Cruise to Oprah’s couch, they jumped all over it and professed their love of everything. After playing even more shows, including a gallery takeover during the Northcote High St Festival (the noise of which shut down the adjacent world music stage) they decided it was time to get some of their sweet sounds onto hot wax. After knocking out four more short/fast/loud tracks onto 7” they headed up the coast, stopping to pleasure audiences in Geelong, Castlemaine, Sydney and Newcastle, before finally bringing it home in an explosive show at Melbourne’s Public Bar.

The band then set to work finishing their first full-length album, Hard Hoarse, with guitarist Nick Carver in the producer’s chair. Amps were recorded in stairwells. Pianos were deconstructed in the name of psychedelic ambience. Teenagers were pinched to achieve screeching falsettos. Two members of the MSO where kidnapped and made to stack fifths. What resulted was an album that captures the live energy of a band of aggressive musicians. An album complete with sharp riffs, rasping vocals, catchy choruses and punk dance floor anthems. It’s an album that’ll get you going. Singers gonna sing, streakers gonna streak, shakers gonna shake and haters gonna hate.