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J.Warburton aka Motley

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CADET X, 1/6



I'm Motley, I chose that name because it means "an incongruous mixture" or simply a "contrast without duality" (think yin yang).

My musical style has been mixed, I have always felt like an outsider, outside of cultural norms, but still part of something (mixed feelings) and heck even my skin is mixed, black and white, 'Motley' is who I have come to identify as.

For the data hungry, I was born in Salford (UK) and raised amongst an Anglo Caribbean culture.

My childhood consisted of council estate housing, domestic violence, racism, child abuse, hip hop, soul food, love, reggae, crime, substance and alcohol use and family.

I was lucky enough to have a few musical family members, my absent bio-father was an amateur DJ/Actor/Singer my abusive step-father was an avid collector of underground reggae vinyl and would play late night, smoke-filled house parties every weekend, a cousin of mine also DJ'd and the whole family loved music.

I started DJing from the time I was 16, started making beats on a PlayStation in 1999 and been releasing music professionally and independently since 2005 when I scored an international hit single "Party at my place" with Bliss N Eso (Australia). Since that time I have produced for artists in the UK and Australia, and am still frequently called upon by tour promoters to open up for artists such as Nas, The Wu-Tang Clan and even Chris Brown and Beyoncé!

After a Near Death Experience in 2012, I woke up and realised that none of this matters because this life is literally a simulation and we are each immortal Gods that are only here to love, create and experience the heaven that we can only imagine in the non physical plane of existence.

I do hope you enjoy the artistic manifestations that are presented here, the more I experience, the more I can create, so thank YOU for supporting me live my dream x