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Gavin Cook - Guitar, vocals. Louis Whelan - Piano Accordion. Matt Hsu - Trumpet. Caroline Townsend - Bass. Jonathan Sri - Saxophone. Laura Kirkwood - Drums. Bodie Howell - Trombone.


The Specials, Gogol Bordello, Toots and The Maytals, Streetlight Manifesto, Tintamare , The Felice Brothers


The Mouldy Lovers are a wild, genre-bending crew featuring some of Brisbane’s finest musicians. Their music is a curry made of ska, gypsy, punk, folk, reggae and various root vegetables. It's fast and loud and raucous, bearing the message that there's more to life than widescreen TVs and tailored suits.

Since the release of their debut album ‘Yonder Ruckus’ in 2013, The Mouldy Lovers have toured around much of Australia, performing at music festivals such as Darwin Festival, Queensland Music Festival and Island Vibe, as well as supporting some of the world’s finest folk/ska bands including Babylon Circus, The Perch Creek Family Jugband and The Crooked Fiddle Band. Leaving no time to rest, The Mouldy Lovers averaged over 3 gigs a month in 2013, all the while working to refine their sound so as to match their unbridled energy with technical proficiency.