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Indie, Rock

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You tell us!

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Ben Green - vocals, Jonny Congdon - guitar & vocals, Lachi Pryor - Drums, Matt Roberts - guitar, Steve Packer - bass


Hip Hop to Space Rock, 90s punk and hardcore, Latin and Jazz



Check out the music video for 'Kitchen (Searchlight)' here:

'Iron Sharpens Iron' is available on Ltd Edn 'Coke Bottle Green' 7" vinyl from

Move to Strike, a melodic rock band from the Adelaide foothills, have been around since 2005, besides a hiatus in 2008-9 where members explored other projects including stints with successful SA acts Mere Theory, In Fiction, Galleon, and Mad Shapes.

Move to Strike have played over 100 shows in SA, VIC, NSW and WA, including Big Day Out, Schoolies Festival, international supports, regional shows, and supporting Antiskeptic nationally for their 'Back in the Game' Tour earlier in 2012. The live show is energetic, passionate and musically adventurous for a band of punk/hardcore origins, incorporating live percussion, electronic sampling and the occasional guest performer.

With two EPs released, 'Battlefield Postcards' (2005), and 'Arms & Militaria' (2010), Move to Strike have spent the last two years building their own studio at frontman Ben Green's home in Plympton. Ben doubles as a Music Producer, having worked with acts such as Beaver, Paper Arms, Messrs (formerly The Touch), In Fiction, and The Sundance Kids. Songs like ‘Inflight’, ‘Love Was Blind’, and ‘This Year’ have received airplay on Nova 91.9, and Triple J’s Short.Fast.Loud program, and contributed to the band being considered amongst ‘ones to watch’ by Nova 91.9, dB magazine, and other media outlets. The band has explored other avenues for expression in the past two years since releasing ‘Arms & Militaria’ including self-producing several music videos (for ‘Inflight’ & ‘To Whom the Road Leads’), and writing music for short films. Move to Strike’s acoustic set is becoming a favourite for fans, and they have also been known to take to the decks for the occasional DJ set.

Ben travelled to Florida to mix four song EP 'Iron Sharpens Iron', working with James Paul Wisner (Paramore, UnderOath, Dashboard Confessional, Getaway Plan). The first single 'Forgive Me' was released in December 2012 to a warm reception...

In March 2013 the band shared the stage with Ian Moss and the Angels for the Clipsal 500 After-Race Concert, and supported punk-rock legends MXPX (US) the following week to kick off a big year. Move to Strike are now truly at the most prolific and exciting point in their career to date. Iron Sharpens Iron was mastered by the legendary Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Muse, Jeff Buckley, Beastie Boys) in LA.

The newest single from the band 'Honest Men' sees a deviation from the band's sonic trajectory, showing some experimenting with new ideas.
Honest Men uses the bands DIY mantra, by recording & producing the single out of frontman Ben Green’s ‘Private Universe Recording Studio’ in Adelaide’s south. The track was then mixed and run to tape at Twin Earth Studios. The singles artwork was also designed and produced by Stephen & Designer friend Tobias Blackwood at his studio ‘Blank Space’ in Adelaide’s CBD.