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Hip Hop

Sounds like

Post Malone, Hopsin, Juice WRLD


Eminem, Hopsin, Post Malone

Unearthed artists we like

Slumber Heights, The Salty Tenders, Anfa Rose


Left his home town in Sydney, NSW, to embark on a spontaneous 2 year backpacking trip around the world. Returning with a solid collection of stories, thoughts and ideas; Mr Elusive began to create an array of demos picking only the best of his work. Ready to present an arsenal of fresh hits to drop one after the other, working with Aria Award winning mixing engineer Tom Garnett and mastering engineer Ben Feggans from 301 Studios in Sydney, spawning a powerful sound as a final product. Fusing sung melodic choruses with solid bar raps for verses Mr Elusive has a lot to offer with a wild ride ahead. Kicking it off with his debut song 'I Want The World' he has set the bar and is ready to go above it. Mr Elusive is also found in the Rap/Rock band Slumber Heights. This is an Artist you will want to keep your eyes on.