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Indie, Metal

Sounds like

Gogol & Hoffman, Poe & Piazzoll, Mojo Juju & Mikelangelo

band members

The noted card shark and duck smuggler ZAVI (aka Sam King) on guitar; Renowned drag king and Rusalka SERAPHINA (aka Emma Jasmine Kelly) on violin; Perpetual ladies man and carnival refugee BORRACIO (aka Spike Thompson), on cello; And the highly preposterous, rambling biscuit barrel NO IMPORANT (aka Adam Hadley) their story teller.


Mojo Juju & the Snake Oil merchants, Mikelangelo and the Black sea Gentlemen


Mr. Fibby are to engulf you in a howling dervish of despair. With them you shall wander through faux fairy tales most lamentable, past monstrous trees, men once dead, jealous lovers, lost gypsies, shattered hearts and a moon, as red as blood. The musicians shall pluck at your heart, as well as their instruments, while a lone man (from where? from when?) spins tales as delicate, and as deadly, as a spider’s web. So far in 2009 they have debuted their smash theatre show Little Girl Lost In The Devil's Black Beard and played at a Fringe Festival and a Frat House. From there they will continue on their merry vdoka addled way through Corinbank Festival, Candelo Festival, the National Folk Festival and the Darwin Festival with varied and bumbling stops along the way at local venues all over Canberra. They have been described as 'volcanic', 'full of sound and fury', and 'an inappropriate Act to stage in Robertson, on a Sunday afternoon, after a children's dance performance'. Mr. Fibby are come to you from a place that you do not know. There is to be laughter, there is to be tears.