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Hip Hop

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Mr L And hundreds of special guests from various schools around Victoria (including Mr L's own two amazing children)


Dr Seuse, Wu Tang, Xzibit, Blackalicious, Aesop Rock, Beastie Boys, Tribe Called Quest, Badbadnotgood, AB Original, Bliss'n'Esso,



Mr L is a music teacher who believes in using music the students already like in his classes. And a lot of the students at the 13 odd primary schools he's worked at over the last few years like hiphop. But Mr L found it hard to find stuff that was both good AND lyrically appropriate for primary school. So he has taken up the mission to write some himself

Mr L keeps his stuff pretty simple and easy for students to replicate - computer drums, a bit of live guitar, ukulele, keyboard or xylophone, and lots of layered vocal and beatbox tracks.

Many of his jams are made with his students as part of their learning process too.

Mr L has been in a few bands over the years but he never really believed in himself until he started playing music for kids. Now he hopes he can be the music teacher who helps students believe in themselves too

Mr L would love to know who you think he sounds like