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the beatles, Air Supply, Cannibal Corpse

band members

Mr Squirrel The Squirrel: vocals, keyboard, drums, guitar, bass, harp, cello


Mozart, Beethoven, bach

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I have spent most of my life in the music business, and have been there and done it all. I taught John Lennon how to write music and i taught Michael Jackson how to dance. Dont believe me? You're a racist then. A racist against my kind of superiority and a bad role model for your children. Basically, after a hard life in the music business (and dropping a lot of soap during my time in prison, lololol!) i have recently decided to take a break and just make music, for everyone. Fucking walnuts, man. You dig? I dig holes and shit in them. Fuckin' A+ Oh, and another thing: i will not tell anyone my great secrets to success. No-one can match my power. The Beatles tried, and what happened to that? They fell under my superior power. Their brains exploded and oozed goo once they realized this. Goodbye and thank you for coming!