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Rock, Metal

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Mr Bungle, macabre, Mrs Mangle

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Mike Patton, Detroit Grand Pubahs, MELVINS

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Dean Bungle, Filthy Kazoo, Norwood Grimes


Mrs Mangle. Dean Collingridge :Vox,Guitars,Drums,Keys,Samples C.K Adams.Bass,Acoustic Guitar,Vox.2005-2010 Brett Weger.Drums 2005-2009 James Broadbent.Drums 2011 Ben Warn.Bass 2011 Hayley Fairbrother. Bass & backing Vox on 2010 album "Things & Stuff" copy paste any link in the bio for more tunes New Album listen for free on Dean Bungle has a personal Triple J unearthed page. Just for you freaks with more songs on it. Band Bio And History:2005-2012 Mrs Mangle have been recording and performing to empty rooms for many moons. EX Good Name For A Band Singer/Guitarist Dean Collingridge formed Mrs Mangle with Clint Adams & Brett Weger in 2005. The birth of Mrs Mangle. Dean on Guitars,Clint on Bass & Brett on Drums .Many Sample Machines and electro programing devices filled in on drums for most the part. Brett would later sit on Drums for various Recordings and Sessions and somehow turn 3 old drums and a roll of duct-tape into a kit fit for a king. Mrs Mangle would Jam for hours, days and weeks at a time, with every song going in one ear and out the other. This caused much confusion anytime it was to start a song,Play a song,finish a song. we all soon realised it was a complete lack of beer and quantum physics that was causing the beat time continuum to be suffering perididdle retention. or commonly known as crate ass. as poor brettys first drum kit was comprised of old bits and peices held up by tape and a milk crate seat. clint was using bretts B.C rich in its final days of glory. The jams frequented to much undue stress in the middle ear. Several new instruments were purchased and the band seemed to have full stride. A new studio was decked out in bretts rape and torture facility as the rape and murder had been packed up for new musical adventures. Dean strutting his new 7 string Ax Ibanez/Dean EVO 7 and Clint holding the most worthy of bass guitars in the history of bass guitars the all mighty Ibanez Ergadine in gold paint even {how crass and classy all in one}. Brett had now grown a mighty kit especcially the cymbol department at this time a new kit would follow and several set up changes including a electronic kit,analog and digital set ups left handed playing and a whole load of drums and drums. i think at one point the kit was so big you got boxed into the corner it was set up against.Somehow a beautiful Black SG Gibson fell from Guitar heaven and then fell on the floor. Dean cryed for weeks on end. Brett called the guitar Hospital and checked the recipt for return.Mr Guitar God advised the younglings that this was a battle scar as reward for Bravery in the face of tone deafness.2006. The new gear had paid off well new amps and guitars we were sounding loud.{so loud in fact ive seen sound smash a light bulb ive DB tested the amp at 140 and thats just the bass} the women returned with swollen wombs and laid out lawsuits, the sudan embassy resolved the crisis and Mrs Mangle allowed the influx of refugees all in the name of the "fugees". Fame had arrived ahead of time as the Fan mail grew the gods tamperd yet again the lovley hand typed letter from mysterio was the high point of our heavy metal days at that point.penned was a polite shut the fuck up . The band felt it forgot to mention its worldy view of musicianship and wonderfull new sound. however fan mail is just that. besides it contained some free fingerprints that would come in handy later.2007. many days and nights of writing and rehearsing followed. At this point it becomes hazy due to the great time failure of 2008. Some guy found a couch, we sang a song about how i smelt or something, the house basically became a zoo ! no shit like snakes, clints, turtles it was mad . Late one afternoon we were paid a visit from the wise aged bread loaf. Wisdom was shared, riffs were exchanged a deal was done and the bun was in the oven. it was time to record.2008. Dean told the original line up of Mrs Mangle to go fuck themselves due to extreme laziness and proceeded to record the debut album alone.Clint sent some flowers and decided to sing on most of the 1st albums tracks.The recording session produced over 40 songs and later 15 were deemed good enough to be published. 2009 Mrs Mangle decided to find some more incompetent musicians in 2011 and thus Ben & james joined the band.2011. 2012 saw new strange ideas and crazy musical direction. The end. Sub note. MRS Mangles first recordings were all done on multi track live and often very late at night off our collective melons !!! The Project suffered a severe case of erectile disfunction and women everywhere were disappointed. whilst the band disbanded and took time to rectify there penis issues Mrs mangle still lurked in all of our closets.Being the angry bitch she is, Mrs Mangle refused to let the odd Frenulum or Foreskin Stop the balls being hit right off the meat of the bat. After Mrs Mangles death she went on to the gates of Purgitory and thus seems stuck in limbo for now. As good nature would have it Mrs Mangle fine tuned her telepathic powers and continued her musical adventures through divine intervention and subliminal control of the living. Mrs mangle is back with bed hair,odd socks and luscious riffs to disturb your mind.Lock up your daughters and goats. {Not recommended for small farm animals,the elderly,the semi elderly,ute drivers,Emo Kids,Fake lesbians,The Droids we are looking for,The politically correct,the politically incorrect ,soccer mums ,Eskimos,top 40 fans or the small minded. } all complaints directed to the "what have you done lately Dept." The three tracks here for you are some random shit from various recordings. Thanks to all my Friends and Family for there Support and continued interest. For CDs,Pics,Videos,Audio and comments click any of the above links. at All Tracks Written and Performed By Dean Collingridge 2009/2010/2011/2012 Lyrics Written By Clint Adams / Dean Collingridge 2009/2010/2011/2012 Vocals Performed By Clint Adams / Dean Collingridge/Hayley Fairbrother 2009/2010/2011 Mixed and Recorded by: Dean Collingridge 2009/2010/2011/2012 Assistant Engineer Hayley Fairbrother. 2009 Recorded at Mrs Mangle Studios. 2009/2010/2011/2012 Live drums by james Broadbent 2011 & on Live Bass by Ben Warn 2011 & on for new Updates and songs.



26 Oct 2011


Love this song.Dean Bungle is a great song writer + their new bass player was in a kick ass band in the 90's called spine foot.What ever happened to those guys?they could have been something & the new drummer Jimmy Broadbent, well he's just the hottest thing behind a kit.Angus Burchill eat your heart out!!!!

Love this song.Dean Bungle is a great song writer + their new bass player was in a kick ass band in the 90's called spine foot.What ever happened to those guys?they could have been something & the new drummer Jimmy Broadbent, well he's just the hottest thing behind a kit.Angus Burchill eat your heart out!!!!