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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Spike Jonze, Shakespeare, Hemingway

band members

Mikey Bee - guitar vox, Tori Lee - lead cymbal vox, Brock Fitzgerald - drums, Aleesha Dibbs - keys vox, Matt Sonic - bass


Sigur Ros, Broken Bells , the national


Forward Miles & Burn Again Videos - When Mikey Bee was playing a solo show in Australia, filmmaker Taylor Steele happened to be in the audience and was intrigued by the performance. The film-maker approached the musician with a question, "how would a song sound from a man sinking into the ocean?” The musician answered with a song washed with anticipation, determined lyrics, and denial. The filmmaker next showed the musician footage taken of people all over the world just before the sun rose one day, and asked to hear what that would sound like ... A discovery of new music was explored. Together they pushed the idea of a song telling a unique story while being part of a visual story played out over an album. A journey from one side of the day to the other, as much as from one side of life to the end. Mikey would piece together the compositions during late night sessions in the studio. He'd put the songs together by jumping around the room from guitar, to piano, to drums, to bass. And by sunrise each day, Taylor would have something to make new notes on. He would check that all music, lyric and tempo were still telling the story each song was supposed to; from the feelings of big dreams in youth to the realisations and heartbreaks of old age, and all the emotions in between. The outcome is an exchange of ideas which became the foundation of a sound true to its representations. A recording of the interactions between us and what lies just beyond, utilising music as the medium. Once the songs were locked in and they were happy with the tale they had created, Mikey went about assembling a vagabond crew of players to translate them live. Each sound becoming a narrator, the player a character, all there to enhance the stories. ‘Burn Again’, the first song to leak out, found us in the middle of the life journey, after the innocence of youth to confronting the hard truth that life can be overwhelming when there is still so far to go. The first official single ‘Forward Miles’, begins the journey, where dreams are so clear and tangible, there's a need to put distance between yourself and the things you know, and to do it alone. It's an innocent, selfish-romantic song. The next song revealed ‘Youth Bird’ finds us mid way through the forthcoming album. Like the life story of the record, Youth Bird is the lament but also the regained freedom of realizing the coveted, but short lived prize of youth.


Reviewed by Dom Alessio Dom Alessio

08 Feb 2013

Triple J

I'm not tot...

I'm not totally won over by the song, but I love the way it sounds. It creates a really great mood and hopefully this'll all be channelled into great songs to come.

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Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Ki...

12 Dec 2012

Triple J

The National doe...

The National does come to mind a little. But what I like most about this track is the mix of starkness, then chaos in the instrumentation. It's not a great song, but all the elements are there and I'm intrigued to hear a few more of their songs after hearing this one.

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05 Apr 2013


Got me from the ...

Got me from the first few notes. Unique sound, thoughtful lyrics. I'll be listening out for more of MT's stuff

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