Artist info


Punk, Rock

Sounds like

Rocket from the Crypt, Motorhead

band members

Mo - guitar, Benny K - guitar, Chunk - drums, Dutchy - bass & vocals, Rob - trombone, Dave - Sax


Motorhead, Front End Loader, Propagandhi, AC/DC, The Meters

Unearthed artists we like

Gay Paris, Maids, FANGZ



Mucho Sonar is a 6 piece punk rock band from Newcastle and Sydney (4/6 Newcastle, 2/6 Sydney). Playing heavy punk influenced rock n roll with a horn section.

Their sound is original and hard to pin down, there aren’t any other bands that sound like Mucho Sonar (whether that is a good thing or a bad thing is for you to decide), some reviewers and media type people have described it as “Angel Witch jamming with Adam Ant” to “Motorhead with a horn section” to “A heavy and more melodic Rocket from the Crypt” to “A groovy Boy Sets Fire”.

Glib comparisons aside, the sound is just the combination of 6 individuals who have myriad of influences coming together to create their own songs and sound as a bad, without thinking about trends or trying to be anything other than the sum of their parts. Influences range from Frank Zappa to Front End Loader, Motorhead to Miles Davis, AC/DC to Adam and the Ants and the Police to Propagandhi. Guaranteed to rock your face off live.

They’ve released 1 self-titled EP, their debut full length “Rodents” and early 2020 has them releasing their 6 track EP “Murdochracy”. The song "Crossfire" is the first single off the "Murdochracy" EP


"The murder of democracy through misinformation - via Rupert Murdoch's "news" outlets.

By framing the narrative through his tabloid and TV outlets in Australia, the US and UK, Rupert Murdoch manipulates the collective consensus, changing ostensibly democratically elected governments at will, to meet his commercial and political needs.

Murdochracy is a hijacking of democracy by controlling, restricting and distorting the information on which people make decisions to vote.”