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Indie, Pop

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Paul Simon, Fink, James Blake

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Munro Melano, Nick Ohlson, Sam Young.


Outkast, Rufus Wainwright, Little Dragon



Half standing, half falling. Semi spinning is an all too familiar feeling.

Semi Spinning was written as one Australian Prime Minister was toppled mid-term, and another took their place.

It’s the feeling you get when turn on the TV and are hit with yet another international catastrophe, another crisis, and seconds later are confronted by politicking from people who are consumed only with votes, ego, and the victories to be won over their opponents.

Munro says there’s one line in the song that pretty much sums it up for him:

“Now you’re dressing up for dinners, and toasting to the mirrors. There’s no relief.”

Munro Melano recorded the song with long time friend and producer Yen Nguyen (Mechanical Pterodactyl, Tom Woodward).
It has been slowly pieced together in various locations across Melbourne, including The Aviary Studio, St Charles recording Studio, Echidna studios, Yen’s kitchen and Munro’s garage.

The songs instrumentation floats between programed and live sounds. Synthesizers and programmed drum machines are mixed with live string quartet, grand piano and a live rhythm section.

Munro has previously released two independent Eps (Running Round, Blue Veins), and after three years of balancing a day-job as a social worker, a night job composing for the screen, and a weekend job as a session musician, he has finished his deeply ambitious debut, full-length album.

In the past year he has worked extensively on film scoring, including composing the synth and live string score for mutli award winning ABC Documentary Paper Trails.

Munro also wrote the music heavy Jazz score for the provocative experimental feature film ‘[CENSORED], which premiered at Sydney Film Fest, before launching into an international film run.

Munro Melano will release his self-titled debut album in early 2019.


Review by Tommy Faith Tommy Faith

15 Nov 2018

Triple J

A moody political pulse check

A moody political pulse check