Artist info


Rock, Roots

Sounds like

The White Stripes, Pink Floyd, Cream

band members

Jesse Dreckow - lead/rythm guitar, bass, vocal. Kyle Whalland - lead/rythm guitar, bass, lead vocal


Joe Bonamassa, The White Stripes, Buckethead

Unearthed artists we like

Kaptain Mustard


We pretty much started when we were kids, but we were really crap haha.. but we have been getting better and better so we thought why not just join unearthed! We do all our recording in a little room in jesse's shed which we call "The Dog Box". Its actually really hard to describe what we play because it vary's so much, but most of what you hear on here will be the rootsy acoustic stuff. Most of the songs are based on stuff we have been through. We have three albums, two of which are ancient (AKA made when we were just young lads :p). And sound like murder haha.. but the stuff we are uploading is recent, which should be a big YAY! For you cause you won't die from bleeding out your ears :) Influences vary a lot too, so much so that it was hard to work out what to put in the influences section! Apart from the ones listed there is Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Clapton, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Tool, and heaps more! There's probably a million chaps better than us but meh, we still love music. Port Lincoln is pretty much filled with muso's and heaps of talent, and fish, crap loads of fish haha. Well hope you enjoy some of this music! Or all of it..


Get Out of Town But Come Ba...



25 Mar 2014