Artist info


Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Nirvana, The Vines, weezer

band members

Simon - Vocals, Guitar, Jack - Vocals, Drums, Luke - Guitar, James - Bass


weezer, Arctic Monkeys, the pixies


The influences of MushMellow range from a variety of different artists (everything from 60's psychedelic-rock/blues to experimental, metal, punk, and all the in between) The four current members of MushMellow all have different writing styles, which creates a unique songwriting partnership proving the existence of a new genre; MushMellow. MushMellow is a live experience and one to be witnessed. The band recently released a 3 track demo; the first 3 tracks of their live set, 'Break Out', 'F Song' and 'Cranberra will give you a glimpse of thigs to come.