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Metal, Rock

Sounds like

Russian Circles, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Pelican

band members

Craig Fryers (bass), Dave Charlton (guitars), Simon Wade (guitars & keyboards), Trent Horwood (drums)


Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Radiohead, Queen, Sonic Youth, Midnight Oil

Unearthed artists we like

sleepmakeswaves, meniscus, We Lost The Sea


Mushroom Giant is an Australian instrumental band specialising in original progressive post-rock.

Mushroom Giant’s live performances offer an aural and visual experience that transcend the conventional rock band, exploring a theatrical realm full of colour and imagery. They use dynamic visual film projections specially designed to enhance each of their thoughtfully crafted songs.

Band members Craig, David, Trent and Simon have been writing and performing together since 2002 and share a passion for instrumental music. David and Craig met at university (both studied graphic design), Craig met Trent while performing in musicals, and in 2002, they met Simon while on a wilderness adventure. The band soon found a name that stuck and released their first album Rails in January 2003 (an album inspired by surrealist filmmaker, David Lynch). Rails was very much an experimental album with an eclectic array of styles and recording techniques. It played an important role in the band’s development as a songwriting collective.

Mushroom Giant performed at the Queenscliff Music Festival in 2004 and then Phillip Island’s Pyramid Rock Festival on New Year’s Eve 2006 with the likes of Karnivool, The Living End and Silverchair. The festival that year was the largest to date, with an estimated crowd of 15,000 patrons.

In 2008, Mushroom Giant released their second album Kuru which truly defined their sound. Kuru offers an engrossing listening experience; a 60-minute journey from up-tempo grooves and intricately-layered soundscapes to dark, cavernous compositions and bone-shaking riffs.

Kuru was soon followed up, in January 2010, by Antarctic Angel which features five previously released tracks remixed to include vocals by their perennial guest David Gogerly, subsequently spending the rest of that year playing shows and touring as a 5-piece. But in 2011 returned to an instrumental 4-piece and started writing a new album.

In June of this year, the band released Painted Mantra, their third full-length album. It features nine stunningly composed instrumental tracks, including crowd favourites “Scars of the Interior”, “The Drake Equation” and “400 & Falling”. The album cover features long-time friend Dana Roskvist (of the band Sydonia) partially morphed into a petrified tree.

Mushroom Giant plans to continue to write and perform with the outlook to tour and promote their music internationally.

“It’s like a soundtrack for when you leave your body. I nearly go into a trance.”

“The guitarists complement each other with wonderfully expressive, layered guitar playing while the rhythm section gives each song amazing depth and density.
- Beat Magazine

“Their cinematic soundscapes call to mind bands such as Jakob, Earth, Mogwai – but their style remains broad and malleable…
- 65 Degrees


Reviewed by Richard Kingsmill Richard Kingsmill

04 Feb 2007

Triple J

Intrigued. Great rollicking piece of nu-prog. Look forward to hearing more...

Intrigued. Great rollicking piece of nu-prog. Look forward to hearing more...