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band members

Laura Krause, Allie Lagos, Moira Quinn, Alex Van den Broek & Grace Williams.


Kimbra, Vera Blue, Meg Mac, ARORA, Lorde, Billie Eilish, Maggie Rogers

Unearthed artists we like

Grace Franklin, Flora Link, The Fins, Cheeky Velvet



“MVP do an incredible job at creating a rich and complex soundscape which is constantly refreshed with new forms of vocal experimentation and dynamic sound effects” - Happy Mag, 2019

Hailing from Brisbane, MVP are a new band that are blurring the lines of pop music and a cappella. Blending vocal harmonies and percussion with loop stations, samplers and effects, every sound made by MVP is produced by the human voice.

With their roots planted in both the choral scene and contemporary a cappella world, MVP are creating vocal soundscapes within a pop music setting. Their debut 6 track EP was released in November 2019, gaining radio play both in the US and Australia. MVP are kicking off 2020 working on new music, and have been selected as finalists in Brisbane City Council’s QUBE Effect program.