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band members

Laura Krause, Allie Lagos, Moira Quinn & Alex Van den Broek


Kimbra, Vera Blue, Meg Mac, Lorde, Sylvan Esso



MVP is an all female four piece out of Brisbane (Australia) who make beautifully crafted all-vocal electro-pop music that is inspired by the likes of Kimbra, Lorde and Sylvan Esso.

While the four girls were all pursuing their own musical endeavours, their paths crossed in 2018 at university where Alex, Laura, Moira and Allie were part of the same choir. After singing together felt right, they naturally fell into writing music, combining their voices with the songwriting that inevitably led to the creation of the band.

MVP’s music is crafted around intricate layers of vocal textures and harmonies, no instruments at all. They experiment with a variety of different loopers, samplers and effects to help them bring their musical ideas to life, and the results are meticulously sweet and soothing to the soul.