Artist info


Rock, Punk

Sounds like

Rise Against, alexisonfire, A Wilhelm Scream

band members

Scott Dobbin - Vocals Ryan Schultz - Drums Andy Berry - Guitar Joel Torres - Vocals/Guitar Dan Coomber - Bass


Sing-Alongs, Gang Vocals, Punk Beats


DOWNLOAD OUR "KISS FROM A ROSE" COVER! My Catalyst; The self dubbed “New Monster on the scene” are taking no prisoners as they launch the first waves of their musical assault. Forming in 2004 as a high-school joke, 3 pimple-faced dweebs started a MySpace band called “The Zootsuiters”, never truly believing it would amount to anything. How wrong they were. Now the band is thriving after a very intelligent name change and numerous line-up alterations. My Catalyst now lend their talents to the ears of Adelaide as often as they can and are building a rampant fan base as they go. In their short lifespan thus far, the lads received the honour of supporting the ever brilliant and genuinely humble, Have Heart (USA), SENSES FAIL (USA) and YOUR DEMISE (UK). Not to mention playing alongside Aussie heavyweights House Vs Hurricane, Carpathian and such local acts as Abandon All Hope, The Vampirates, Stolen Youth and Nazarite Vow. They also had the honour of Trevor Reilly from A Wilhelm Scream (USA) asking 'who the fuck' they were. My Catalyst maintains a strong work ethic and pride themselves on an energetic and fun-filled stage show. Their debut full-length CD 'ONCE JESTERS, NOW KINGS' was released in November 2010. The album was mastered by THE BLASTING ROOM in Colorado USA (RISE AGAINST, NOFX, PROPAGHANDI). Fast forward to 2012, the band has multiple single + split release under their belt, as well as a well-recieved video clip for their cover of Seals "Kiss from a Rose". The video can be viewed here: Coming up, another single release (Mixed and Mastered by Jay Maas of Defeater), video release and pre production for their next full length effort. for merch!