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My Chérie fluctuates from melancholy, easy listening to eerie, eastern music and journeys through to other genres such as mellow pop. My Chérie demands authenticity through experimental, avant-garde music and honest story telling. Spiritual sonatas. Her live shows incorporate guitar looping, synth layers and distinctive vocal effects.

My Chérie grew up in South Africa and sometimes incorporates ‘Afrikaans’ in her song writing. Making a new home in Adelaide, Australia in 2008. The influences from her childhood and other travels come through in her performances. She’s always loved taking inspiration from multitudes of genres, cultures and artists and birthing it into new creations.

My Chérie’s first single is a warm, raw and simplistic introduction into her sound & musical motivation. The concept of an artist sitting at the dinner table, playing the acoustic and singing in their most vulnerable form.