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Sounds like

Soundgarden, Queens Of The Stone Age, led zeppelin

band members

Matt Chapman - Vocals & Guitar, Daniel Firth - Guitar, Aston Cochrane - Bass, Liam Cuffley - Drums.


Iggy & The Stooges, syd barrett, Kyuss


My Left Boot combine elements of 70s fuzz rock, 60s psychedelia and grunge era heavyness with high energy and pinch of salt to form a band that is both exciting and high in blood pressure. The group began early in 2005, initially with an aim to make postcards and wrapping paper, but it quickly developed into a music project when the home craft industry suddenly crashed. In late 2005 The Boot released "Season of the Time", a 5 track EP which gave hints of their developing sound. The video for the track "Writers Block" was well received through both national television and the internet, and was featured in a number of short film competitions. The band then focused intensely on it's live show. Playing shows throughout Australia and building a strong following both in it's base of Melbourne, and further afield. They have become a regular fixture in many of the country's most noted venues and festival bills. In 2008 My Left Boot will be releasing a taster of their forthcoming debut album in the form of a 3 track CD, which will be available for online purchase or at their shows. With one track "Ward", already receiving radio play, despite not yet being actually released? Cheers internet Goblins. Come get kicked by the boot.