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Dance, Electronic

Sounds like

Delerium, Tangerine Dream, Conjure One

band members

Ivan Bullock


Delerium, Front Line Assembly, Velvet Acid Christ

Unearthed artists we like

Sarcophony, eytis, Bastich, DevilMonkey


The Mystral Tide project was active between 1999-2010. It has since been superseded by the artist's new persona, "Minorarc" at

Mystral Tide was an underground music project founded by Australian born artist/promoter Ivan Bullock. Operating as a solo recording and performance outfit, now residing in Melbourne and Canberra, after significant time spent in Tokyo.

Stylistically, the project shifted from early experimental midi and sample based metal, to electronics and predominantly dark ambient classical soundscapes. Piano and minor block chordal melodics formed the front line, melded with a variety of rhythmic styles influenced by industrial and new electronic movements.

Music was produced in a snap-shot environment, a tiny minimalist studio where emotion (predominantly dark and critical) was expressed, moreso by intervals and pitch than by lyrics or aggression.

The project began in Tokyo during 1999, a rudimentary Shibuya studio consisting of a keyboard, PC and electric guitar. Early experimental recordings formed an outlet for psychological frustration, alienation and a deep discontent with mankind and the modern breed of selfishness. The first online presence was entitled Mystral Tide, the name remained, but the music changed. Tokyo was a breeding ground for new culture, graphics, music and an inherent understanding of all things far shifted from the mainstream.

As a reaction and platform to acquire live performance opportunities, the first CD "Moiety" was released independently in February 2000. It was a raw, unmixed and unedited piece of live progressive gothic metal floated against drum and bass. Shortly thereafter came the short-run release of the first EP, "SY-S-D", and "Moiety Edited Version" later included several new pieces. By now the project had acquired enough financial support to invest in a Gateway 400Mhz PC (top of the line at the time), and a second-hand full size digital EP-7 piano on loan. This led to the incorporation of piano and classical instrument sounds into almost all recordings since. The first CD to develop this movement into Darkwave was "Etchings", a short run CD frothing over with depressed self-analysis. In 2001 the stronger tracks from "Etchings" were incorporated into the next CD, "Altercated", again released only in Tokyo and via internet.

Side project Trucido was born with close friend and fellow estranged foreigner Adam Hauch, and concerts began. The debut performance of both projects was entitled Labyrinth for the Brains V, a dingy metal-fest, rarely visited by keyboards, let alone gaijin. During frequent nights exploring the scene, Adam and Ivan joined forces with ex-das bunker DJ Statik, and re-established, personally funded and DJ'd for monthly Tokyo Industrial event CyberAgeVoodoo.

Concerts continued and music flowed daily. An inescapable recording addiction led to the production of two years work, what we define as the "first cd" - 'Whirlpool of Souls", for which we were honored to be signed to Australian indie label Zeitgeist Records. A release party was held at CyberAgeVoodoo, and at last a run of hard promotion saw results with positive press and net reviews. Sean from Zeitgeist showed incredible friendship and support, traveling to Japan to assist the project and guest DJ in the new club.

Shortly thereafter Mystral Tide was invited to provide live support for Japanese dark experimental project Seij minus aÇ in Tokyo, and later Wave Gotik Treffen in Leipzig. A distribution contract was made with Frankfurt based SX.

The next three years spelled out a very difficult sequence of events. We were desperate to record a follow up concept album and ride along the support and unintended recognition W.O.S had brought. Alas, it couldn't be done. Further personal issues, a shocking move back to hometown Canberra, and a later move to Melbourne drained sacred time away from friends, instruments and everything audio. A majority of the studio equipment was disbanded and a mundane era of responsibility began, and the music industry seemed to be aging rapidly.

During 2005 the stops were pulled out. Something had to give, and we were determined to meet the final objective, "Geometry of Loss", a seething cold electronica 2CD concept album was put to tape.

Ivan founded DEMUS dark electronic music underground as a reaction to a wealth driven, regurgitation filled music industry which had failed to move with the times. DEMUS embodied an entity purely to support underground talent by acting as a record label, artist communication resource, and event / promotion organization, corporation-free and entirely non-profit. Seeing that there was still life and enthusiasm in an era where music had become disposable 3 minute entertainment, we joined the opposing force.