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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

Everything Everything, At The Drive-In, Children Collide, Foals

band members

Myyth are: Jordy Jeffrey-Bailey — Guitar and Vocals Andrew Thompson — Guitar and Vocals Ryan Stannage — Drums and Vocals Jonathan Dugec — Bass



We do most of our stuff on the stolen lands of the Kulin nation. We pay our sincere respects to them and their elders, past and present.

Myyth are a rock band who boldly blend hooks with raw and impulsive heavy music to violate the barriers of pop convention.

Four summers ago, Myyth emerged from a sweaty garage having devised a set full of fuzz riffs and gang vocals. While taking to Melbourne's gritty pub stages with enthusiasm and naivety, they released two EPs: Temple and Museum.

2013's Live at Baha is a ferocious document of a band in the midst of transformation, with every strained note furthering the cause of redefinition.

2014 saw MYYTH take to the stage at the esteemed Progfest with local progressive superheroes Closure in Moscow and Mushroom Giant, as well as countless gigs honing their live set on stages around Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Myyth fuse relentless, impulsive rock with instinctive melodies, balancing progressive and introspective, accessible and energetic.

Debut single Relics was released in 2015 to a sold out Workers Club.

Now, Myyth return with Savage Hearts.

The first official single from our debut album that we've been working on for over a year. Beyond excited for you to hear this first taste — a groovy little pop song that we've had in our back pocket for a little while now (you may have heard us play it live before).