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Indie, Rock

Sounds like

The Narcotics

band members

Tom Bullock - Guitar Carl Lang - Bass Dan McNaulty - Drums Simon Pearlman - Guitar, Vocals


My Bloody Valentine, Gaslight Radio, 1960-1970

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A Man Called Son


THE NARCOTICS: Tempting...ilicit...somewhat addictive... "The Narcotics are quickly making their presence felt with their unique take on spacious, heart-aching melody-pop..." (TimeOff 1.6.05) The Narcotics are a band from Brisbane, Australia. They formed when four people with an obsessive interest in music were driven to create music for people with taste as impeccable as their own. After throwing their rich, textured sounds onto crusty old 4 tracks, they set about performing to punters in the small but vibrant Brisbane underground. After a few endearingly shambolic demos, they finally recorded their first single in a claustrophobic home recording environment. The result was a double A-side pop blast- "Laughing Over Nothing/Only Gonna Get In Your Way", released in early 2006. "This Brisbane quartet's sound recalls countless luminaries of UK guitar pop from the last 25 years....all in all, an assured debut effort" (Rave Magazine 23.5.06) In early 2007 The Narcotics went into the studio with Bryce Moorhead. The results became A Town Called Bastard (EP), a release that reflects a growing maturity after two and half years of honing their sound. Lead track 'Silent Century' might just be the catchiest thing they have ever written, while trademark textured guitars abound in 'Midnite Bottleshine' and 'Nothing Gained'.