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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Michelle Branch, Taylor Swift, Paramore

band members

Nat Pearson - Vocals


Alanis Morisette, Paramore, Michael Jackson


Nat Pearson is a UK born singer-songwriter who was raised and lives in Perth, Western Australia. With her emotive, dynamic voice, she sings her stories with passion and integrity, and she can pack a punch when she wants to! Well accustomed to the stage, Nat performs 3 nights a week to fun-loving crowds with her band FLYTE at Perth nightclubs, and with acoustic trio WIRE BIRDS at popular Perth bars. Performing has always been her driving force, with her first taste of the spotlight at just 5 years old.. and she hasn't left the stage since. "Music is magic, it paints a picture. The ultimate universal language... Music provokes emotion, nostalgia, empowerment, perspective." Nat writes from real experiences, either her own adventures, or of those around her, and mixes it with a catchy pop-rock sound. Nat is hardworking and fun, down to earth but driven. She is most inspired when inspiring others, through conversations, and through her performance and determination to achieve her goals. She loves singing and listening to music, but believes nothing is more powerful than the exchange at a live show, and is easily intoxicated by the adrenalin from performing. She considers herself so lucky to have grown up in Australia. Not only is it beautiful, but she’s been so fortunate to have access to amazing opportunities.


Review by Brufield Brufield

18 Apr 2014


Great track, lov...

Great track, love the melody and love the content! Keep it up!

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17 Jul 2013


This is 80'...

This is 80's rock n roll! I love the strong vocals, they are just perfect. Reminds me of older Paramore or Hey Monday.

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