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Pop, Rock

Sounds like

Amy Winehouse, Joss Stone, Alicia Keys

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Natalia- singer/ songwriter


alicia keys, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Pink, Beyonce



Not many of us can say that we've dreamt music and actually remembered the exact line once we've awoken from our sleep. Note by note, measure by measure, phrase by phrase. It's a quality like this, when tangled together with a handful of musical styles and a variety of approaches by the modern day musician, contribute to produce a perfomer a means above the rest. NATALIA With my music always playing in the family home, it's no wonder that Natalia started creating her own music at such a young age. Early influences such as Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and more recently Alicia Keys and Beyonce, play an inspiring part in this singer/songwriter's musical journey. Born on the 13th January 1986, into a world where nothing would get in her way! Anyone that knows Natalia, would appreciate her somewhat "out there" personality and her consistant strive for success. A young fresh talent sinking her heels into a demanding, cut -throat industry, but rewarding those who push past the barriers of old, replacing with the new. After receiving a scholarship to the renowned Perth Modern SHS, Natalia's creative skills were taken to a whole new level. Not only would she write vocal part harmonies, but every instrument was accounted for. It wasnt long until she was in the studio with well known Perth blues guitarist/producer "John Meyer" at the age of 19. Laying down all those musical lines once dreamt, John really exposed and mentored Natalia to the idea of recording and with that she released her debut album "Open Arms". At first glance of the new album, you can hear those handfuls of styles being portrayed over the eleven track production. Singing from the heart, Natalia draws on attention to detail and meaningful power from her lyrics to entice those listening. What came next would take Natalia to another unimaginable level. Meeting Producers "Anthony Cormican" and "Michael Tan". These two powerhouse musicians would blow Natalia's mind in regards to pushing those boundaries and with that, Natalia is set to release another collection of songs said to be her best work yet. As to what the future holds for this Perth talent we don't know, however, we do know that even the sky is no limit for someone that will never give up on the one thing that completes her as a person. Natalia will keep captivating audiences and expanding her following, as she sings her way into the hearts of those around the world. The journey has just begun......