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Rock, Roots

Sounds like

Ash Grunwald, John Butler Trio, Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd

band members

Nathan Kaye - vocals - Human Beat-box - Lapsteel Slide Guitar - Slide-Didge (Trombone-like Didgeridoo) - 6 & 12 string guitars - electronic foot drums, Paulie B (from 'The Beautiful Girls')- Bass, Marty Jones - Drum kit


The Black Keys, Ben Harper, Led Zepplin


Thundering roots-rock, sun-baked blues, hilarious tales and beatbox world groove… Much more than your contemporary one man band, this LA based Aussie, Nathan Kaye, is a roaring vocalist, ball-tearing lapsteel slide guitar playing, funky didge blowing, body-popping, human beatbox freak with wit & spirit. Think John Butler on pills, Michael Franti on ‘shrooms and The Umbilical Brothers on fire. NK jumps between lap steel slide guitar, 12-string and 6 string acoustic, Didgeridoo and beat boxing, interweaving catchy hooks, Socio-enviro-conscious lyrics, and hilarious storytelling. Whether in a sea of fans on the festival circuit at Glastonbury Festival (UK), Edinburgh Fringe Festival (UK) or Lightning In a Bottle (USA), or in the backyard venues of regional Australia, Nathan inspires sweat to drip and hearts to open. Kaye's music will draw you in and make you think, make you laugh and make you move. It’s the best sweaty, dirty, sexy, good-vibed foot-stomp you'll get from one man. CAREER HIGHLIGHTS • Performed with Jason Mraz, Venice Beach, LA, • Performed at The Viper Room, Sunset Strip, LA, • Supported Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate), Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, LA, • Performed in the official line-up at • Glastonbury Festival, England, UK – • Woodford Folk Festival, QLD -) • Splendour In The Grass Festival, NSW – • Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Spiegel Tent, Scotland • Fairbridge Festival, WA • Lightning In a Bottle Festival, USA • Peat’s Ridge Festival, NSW - • Super-Heineken Tour, China - • The Burning Man Festival, USA - • Earth Day Festival, Bali, Indonesia – • Supported Paul Kelly on tour • Recorded guitar, vocals and programmed beats on Andy Fraser's solo album (70’s band Free), • Performed onstage with John Butler at the Fatherhood Festival, • Toured in venues in UK, Ireland, USA, China, Hong Kong, Bali & Australia • Supported The Corrs, Hong Kong, • Supported other artists including Diesel, Little Birdy, Ash Grunwald, iOta