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Sounds like

Nation Wild

band members

Sean Nudl Rory Day Patrick Barton Grace Bradley Woodward


Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, The Rolling Stones

Unearthed artists we like

AviatioNation, Isabella Fortuna



To whom it may concern,

Nation Wild aren’t going to pretend like someone else is writing their bio. It’s us, we’re writing it. Gotta keep it real ya know?

We also aren’t going to sell you a lie, the world isn’t exactly in the best shape. We don’t have a limousine, we can’t hire someone to run our social media. All we have is a pure message;

We are an injection of confidence and attitude to take anything head on.

After moving from Bendigo to Melbourne, Australia, here are the qualified practitioners of Nation Wild;

Sean Nudl - The fired-up frontman, producer and electric conductor.

Patrick Barton Grace - If music is the lock, Pat has the keys. The band’s perfect pitch pianist.

Rory Day - The beat chef who cooks up a thunderous rhythm from a deep cauldron.

Brad Woodward - The low frequencies administrator who can also satisfy the masses with a single note on a harmonica.

We stand for creativity. We stand for rebellion. This is the wild untamed side of you which we reflect.
You, me, we are taking over.