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Sounds like

Silent Planet, Polaris, Counterparts

band members

Jaden Joslin - Vocals Mitchell Garklavs - Guitar Erick Flores - Guitar Simon Santos Rose - Drums Justin Reid - Bass


Counterparts, Polaris, Silent Planet, Northlane, Deadlights



Native Tongue is a five-piece progressive hardcore band based out of sunny Townsville in North Queensland. Featuring members from local NQ stalwart metal and indie bands Ghosts Over Japan, In The Eyes of Wolves and Lost Boys, Native Tongue have been been bringing punishing riffs, intricate melodies and high-octane live shows throughout North Queensland since emerging onto the scene in early 2019.

Having racked up a half-dozen shows already playing alongside major acts Polaris and The Brave and released a quick succession of fire music videos, Native Tongue are just getting started, so stay tuned for more in early 2020.


Review by Dave Ruby Howe Dave Ruby Howe

18 Nov 2019

Triple J

Cranking and badass.

Cranking and badass.