Artist info


Electronic, Pop

Sounds like

Annie, Goldfrapp, Royksopp, Ladytron

band members

NEDA - Vocals - Percussion - Marrs Attaxx - Synths - Live Beats - Theremin - Producer



Australian electronic act consisting of vocalist Néda and producer Marrs Attaxx​ are releasing their rocky synth-pop single “GO BOOM!” alongside a “Live and Plugged in” video version. Hailing from Melbourne city the Duo are persistently carving their spot within this genre performing live and releasing material under their label Burn City Records.

Obsessed with performing live Neda&Marrs coax their audience’s into thrashing about and enjoying the brink we live on. For this single’s release the duo also launches their Youtube ‘Live and Plugged In’ video series to give new audiences a taste of what they look and sound like live. Their music wealds dominant synthesizers and commanding vocals. This single ‘Go Boom!’ is the 3rd in succession of Neda&Marrs’ larger body of works releasing as a steady stream of singles throughout 2017-18. This song speaks of darkened hearts, tensions in internal world’s and the threat to enjoy the moment when everything boils over. “If this is going to break I want it to Go Boom!”

Written and Produced by Marrs Attaxx and Neda Rahmani,
Mixed by Scott Horscroft at The Grove Studio NSW
Live video produced by Burn City Records VIC