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Pop, Punk, Rock

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Glam, Grunge, Punk

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Kristie Kal Michael Daniel


this never ends...




Strong impact coarse language and/or themes

13 Jun

Burlington Hotel B...

South West WA, 6230




NEIN is a four-piece band hailing from Perth, Western Australia, established in 2019. Finding it difficult to squeeze themselves into a genre, NEIN describe their sound as Glunge - a mix between glam rock and grunge, with a bit of metal and punk thrown in too. The different sounds that make up the whole of NEIN reflect the diversity of the tastes of the members of NEIN. The glam is provided by frontwoman Kristie Butler who takes the stage in skintight sparkly spandex and knee-high gogo boots, often accompanied with an accessory such as cape, wings or twirling ribbon. It has been remarked that as Butler aggressively twerks, punches and jumps her way around the stage, that she looks like she’s having entirely too much fun to be concerned with what the audience thinks of her, all of whom are unable to take their eyes off her, save to watch bare-chested, heavily tattooed drummer Daniel Schulze’s sheer physicality. Guitar player Kal Englishby noodles away to the side, oozing Coolness with a capital ‘C’ out of her very pores, and Michael Williams, the band’s secret weapon, plugs away at his bass guitar, leaving every other bass player in the line-up that night to suddenly feel curiously inadequate. There is no denying the musicianship of all four of these talented people, and they bring the show to match, regularly stealing it out from under the headliner’s feet.
NEIN is on the cusp of bringing out their first release, an album by the title of Obstreperous, a somewhat obscure old word meaning “noisy and difficult to control”. NEIN are coming for you, they’re making a hell of a racket and there’ll be no controlling the wild success they are sure to have.

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And now obey the rules and dance.